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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
must.. study.. ; 22:45

2 more papers to goooooo!

damn, only had 4 hours of sleep during the last 36 hours.
couldnt sleep last niiiiiiiight..
felt soo sleepy but Major Headache was keeping me up all night
that i ended up studying for my morning's paper instead.
supposedly to go revising with my friends for tomorrow's paper
but the moment i got home i slept.

and my mum threw a pillow at me to wake me up B/
and she was like,
Mum: Shima! you got exams right!
Me: *seeing its broad daylight* 0.0
Mum: huh? i thought you said you got paper in the afternoon?
Me: huh? no. when did i say?
Mum: just now in the morning?
Me: noooooooooooo. only one paper in the morning.. tomorrow and fri alsoo
*went back to sleep*

and kak ina called me
asking me to accompany her and her students to hq
they were having the performance rehearsals/selections for NCC Day Dinner.
didnt know central was having campfeast..
and i THINK the cadets were ALL-BOYS cos there were a few platoons at the MPH
and they look at us one kind seyy 0.0
scaryy hahaha

there were not many people there for the performance rehearsals/selections
but they were having fun jamming after it was over.
and we thought 854 would be a faster route home
after all, the journey is usually 45mins
it was almost 2 looooong freaking hoooouuurs laaaaaaa!
i dont know how long we were stuck at the Ubi/Eunos area there..
but just realized there was an accident
between 2 motorcycles and a van and it was strewn over 2/3 lanes
which explained the snail speed traffic

and i'm feeling sleeeeeeepy!

happyhappyhappy BIRTHDAY! ; 00:01

Many the thanks for all the random entertainment like,
the random msges..
(you still havent complete your Pokemon story yaw)
the random singings..
(thats why the ongoing showers)
the random doodlings on notes..
(on my ACONHYD notes some more!)
the random MMSes..
(very not motivating but appreciated all the same xD)
the random embarrasing moments..
(your favourite aunty.. take photo with her kayy)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
nafiz's confession ; 23:40


KHAI who has always been in denial has finally admit that he IS after all,

Sunday, August 24, 2008
lazy weekend ; 23:55


that's practically what i did on my weekend.
you know, all these mugging thingy somehow affected my biological clock.
0.0 yeahh like, i used to sleep at 1plus.
then 12.
then 11.
and last night i fell asleep at 9plus laaaaaa!
and today i slept the whole daaaaaay!
i didnt review my maths but then again,
i think i practised maths too much till i got a lil confused.
but its at niiiiiggggggghhhhhht.
i just hope i wont fall asleep while counting or something
i mean, knowing MYSELF, theres still a probability of me falling asleep "out of the blue"

well, enough about me x)
did you see the closing ceremony of the Olympics?
its super OVER right?!
but in a good way, of course.
i mean, the fireworks! WHOOOOOOO. its like *hands in the air side to side*-
at least its not as boring as the opening ceremony especially the passing of the torch part. pfft. that part was like a total killer yaw!
but yeahh, it was interesting though!

ohoh! army daze was niice.
actually when i was waiting for army daze to start,
i was watching Singapore Short Stories Project
which is kinda good too.
never did i realized that arts central actually has some good shows.
and they showed next week's trailer which is "Singapore Dreaming".
and it touched on Singaporean's real life issues whereby we worried about the 5Cs
Credit cards
Country club

However the real 5Cs that we should be concerned about are


To find out more what the hell im yapping about, please tune in to Arts Central next Sunday at 10pm!
hahahaah a fine example of Organic Advertisement which is a "free ad" for the body/company. o000o. i still remember my HTM stuff xD

ok, fine.
if you realized i have been watching television for this weekend.
oh, and i even went to jb yesterday with mum and kak ina.
you know, i'm beginnning to like FOS(Factory Outlet Store, i THINK)
cos of Banana Republic, GAP and other brands.
I mean like, do you know how super expensive these brands cost in their own outlets?
a BOMB, i tell you. well, at least for me now that i'm not working anymore. pfft.
but at FOS, its like RM20 for a tee which means
xD ahahah another "free ad" hee.
so thats how fruitless my weekend was.
but hey, at least i gotta wind down a little
and to think that next Monday is the beginning of a whole month of fasting.
and not to forget SSC too.
whoa. can't wait for ssc! xD

Friday, August 22, 2008
all in a week's work II ; 22:26


i think i had my semangat (spirit) up high too early for exams that somehow it has died down..
been chiong-ing with malia and rau in school
but malia seems to be on the same book for the whole week except it has gotten much much more colourful and HAVOC siaa! hahaha
rau.. i don't know. opps. hahaha

but it was great study dating with those girls
nafiz and fir joined us once.
and we are a noisy crazy bunch yaw! hahaha
malia had some affair with the aunty! xD
you can read her August 20th's entry to find out more kayy xD
then a friend of rau and malia's joined one of out study dates
and she gave us a brief tip on the proper way of carrying trays
and i was forced to try
then nafiz tried
and fir was so excited that he wanted to try too
and boy, was i glad i was holding on to my drinks
cos he spilled the rest of the drinks!
hahaha it was totally comical laaa!
cos fir was like pretending to serve our drinks
but he had to bend down to place the drinks before the incident happened
and of course, malia's good friend aka aunty came by to mop the area
by then, fir was hiding well behind the pillar. pfft. ahahah x)

went to hq with rau after sooooo loooooooong
on wednesday and thursday to helped out for the pre-course ssc briefing and orienteering competition respectively.
when we were on our way there, we reminisce the times when we were still cadets.
totally missed those times, and we kept wondering why we kept coming back even though it was kinda torturous in a way.
and how most of us would have a 100% attendance for NCC during secondary school if not for that one freaking incident.
but its really the very people whom we went through the shits together that made us stay and go through it all together.
after all, its through ncc that i met the best bunch of people x)

had my ACONHYD papers in the morning
almost forgot about it last night
sheesh. i tell you, its troublesome to have an open book paper
cos its really time consuming to refer to the questions and your notes at the same time
and my classmate lost one of my notes! grr.
and for the first time, 2 hours was not enough to complete my paper laa! double GRR.

went to evss after paper for the last training before the fsting month
actually, was forced to come down to settle some problems =/
i dont know if the situation's gonna get any better
but they did let the rest of us down.
we cant help but to be mad cos we saved their ass too many times
and its embarrassing, you know.. pfft.
but i hope they'll change for the better..

and i just realised my entry is not making any sense at alll! pfft. and it was like,
from HURRAH2 happy2 to bleargh.

Friday, August 15, 2008
all in a week's work ; 21:10

was supposed to go jogging with nisa
but i was really drained out that i became a ZOMBIE
due to **** that i tried which seems really bad for my body.
but nisa was really in a mood for a jog till she realised she brought the wrong pants to jog in.
and she HAD to cancel it right after i changed my attire B/
thanks ehh nisa. hahah
but we TRIED to make it up by walking all the way toooooooooo..
xD we weren't really hungry so we shared a muffin and a warm chocolate cake
hehehe really not helping with the weight loss thingy hahah

supposed to finish school at 6
but since the last lesson is only presentation,
the class decided to bring forward te class to 11am!
and i was still at home at that time B/ how about that.
rushed down to school and did presentation which i must say
is the COOLEST and most FUNNEST presentation ever!
we just had to present our project to our tutor.
and he dont mind whichever way we wanted to present,
as in powerpoint slides, transparency etc.
but my group didnt. prepare any of that sort cos we wanted to present from our report itself using visualiser(spelling issues?) but the one in the LT was spoilt so our tutor asked us to sit around and just "discuss" with him our project 0.0
and hes so funny, i tell you x) cos he was like switching roles between being our boss and client so he was like,
as a boss: So is the budget enough?
as a client: ok. i trust you

coool. hahaha

went to class at nine
thought i was late but i'm only the third person to arrive 0.0
and the tutor wasnt even in 0.0
had my project interview
and i was done for the day.
met malia and lunched at Rase 21.
came by my house after that and she had fun playing with afnan who was trying hard to act cute - and succeeded. pfft. hahah

Had ESFAC lab test which i scored full marks! yay.
i just want to get through this module or else i'm out of tp yaw.
then had this killer irdd quiz.
third of the questions given required calculations which i dont even know how to calculate! T______T
but it was mostly MCQs so i had to CAKCAK KUTIIIIII xD

don't have to go for irdd lec but still have to go for irdd lec
which dragged on till half way through my esfac tutorial.
i was like seriously counting down to one o clock but
lucky me, lesson ended not long after i came!
but mr goh was like,
mr goh: shima did you come for lec yesterday?
me: x) heh. no
mr goh: OHHHHH. it was very important! find out from your classmate ok
me: ok.

it was last day of sem but guess what, i just got my (other) classmates' no just to copy the "important" notes 0.0 hahah yeahh

i cant wait to hurrah2 on the 29th xD


this post is:

ahahah i owe it to her since
xD I'm here to promote her actually xD

DID YOU KNOW, MALIA talked to herself alot?
and it doesn't matter if shes talking to people or herself for that matter.
apparently, its preety normal for her to talk to her own reflection too
HAHAH funny laa siaa cos she did a reenactment for me HAHAHAH


DID YOU KNOW, MALIA likes this guy
and, so sorry Mr. Guy but, he look like Mat Malaysia you know
but mally said hes smart and hes quite religous too
which i have to agree since both times i saw him, he was going/doing his prayers.


DID YOU KNOW, MALIA likes to randomly
message not once, not twice but SIX times -
fortunately, i was sleeping like a log by the time she sent those seriously random messages hehehe
but it is still quite a shocker to read it in the morning! xD

oh. and Malia, want to go into a trance ehhhhh?
hahahahah study date again YOK!
(appraently, you can find out ALOT about a person through study date)

Sunday, August 10, 2008
NDP 08 ; 16:04

celebrated national day with the NCC bunch
not all came but we still had fun yeahh!
alot of unexpected events but it was still
like what rau said, A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

firstly, we sat at Makan Sutra.
that was our initial plan:
to get a seat and a good view of the fireworks
BUT, it started to rain.
so the guys shifted our chairs to the pathway leading to DXO
but some of us wanted to watch the supporting contigents march past us
while the rest stayed back to watch over the chairs
when we came back, we got to know
STRIKE ONE: we were "shooed away" by the authoritised personnel

nvm that. so we moved to the bay so that we can watch the screen
but the guys were taking shelter at the stage beside Makan Sutra so
we joined them and so far so good till it started to rain heavily and
EVERYONE was running to the stage until
STRIKE TWO: the Police/CISCO whatever SHOUTED at us to get down B/ like, wtf.
cos too many people were getting on the stage but they could have been
a little nicer by ushering instead of SHOUTING B/
its not like we were pushing people and stuff right..

so nvm, we got down and walked towards the bay, AGAIN.
and somehow we managed to get a spot where we can still see the screen
and i know its like drizzling and stuff but yaw
easy with the umbrellas!
people are like carrying the umbrellas high enough to shelter their friends/families
but low enough to BLOCK the screen pfft.
and we were like, complaining loudly to lower their umbrellas but they didnt seem to hear us
and there was this uncle who had a combover with an umbrella.
he is super irritating cos he kept shifting and stuff so
elfie was like, EHH UNCLE. lower your umbrella laaaa
and he even passed a comment about the hair which i wont mention here x)

and there was this Bangla (no offence, but HE IS) standing beside me with his friends.
and he whipped out camera phone to take a picture of himself.
but SUDDENLY i realised he was raising it higher bit by bit
TO TAKE OUR PHOTO LAAA SIAAAAAA with rau and myself in the photo!
0.0 SUPER duper scary ok!
and najIb was being evil! hahaha
he was like, AYY BANGLA. the one in stripes!
hahah he really did that =)

and i dont know why but people kept walking back and forth non stop
and of course we couldnt help ourselves, so we voiced out,
so sad no one really answer our question even though
i asked this army personnel guy where hes going
and even HE dont know. pfft.

and cos of the UMBRELLA issues,
we had to entertain ourselves most of the times
by just pointing randomly in the sky and cheering!
its a psychology thing you know,
so people were like, looking around anxiously expecting something xD
but of course there was nothing
except this ONE TIME, rau pointed to the sky and screamed
coincidentally, a pair of birds flew by!
it was funny really cos the crowd thought it was the black knights
and they were so excited but only to be fooled by a pair of birds and rau! xD
its super hilarious OK!

and we had some fireworks watching while having dinner
before we left to meet mira,
KHAI EXCLAIMED: LET'S CAMWHORE!*with his fist in the air!*
HAHAHA yeahhh.. he said that! xD
so we were supposed to meet mira around marina area there
but she was still on duty so we were standing at the area,
whereby the ndp people were exiting,
to decide what to do/go till shes done
but dek was smart, he was like,
ayy, we better move or later we kena scolded again
and he was right! hahah we were about to move
STRIKE THREE: when this security personnel
asked us to leave the premises
and najib, being his usual self, said
for you, i will.
SUPER gay ok! hahahahah
and the guy just smiled and walked away

soooooooooo FUN day!
xD hahaha


i totally miss her truckloads seyy!
i got to know why she stopped visiting us last time but i'm not gonna mention it here =/
anyhoos.. when she first arrived, she was like crying and throwing tantrum and stuff
and kak ya was so tempted to whack her opps.
and my sisters were like showing her the "happier times" photos
and slowly she started warming up to us again! xD yay.

and she wanted my teddy Pooh; the one i got for my 17th birthday B/
OHOH, even amalia, natasha's SUPER introvert sister is warming up to us
last time, all she does is cry and hold on tight to her mum
but she waved and kissed my cheek on friday!
well, thats a start right x)

Monday, August 4, 2008
not feeling much better but still.. ; 23:37

on a slightly lighter note,
jogged with nisa around bedok reservoir park after school
at first we felt so kental as we were in "gym outfits"
you know, baggy shirt with shorts/tracks.

apparently, many people decided to go home late today
so we were like taking various routes just to go to the connector.
but it was gooood xD i mean,
after so long, and finally we had our jog.

not bad for a first time, but we gonna include more
pushups and situps for the upcoming jog/run.
i need to lose the extra pouch yaw. hehehe

shoot me dead. ; 23:30

somebody, kill me now.

i forgot my lappy's administration password.
i know, how can someone be so dumb?
well, now you know.

i don't know how to reboot the system
cos i was sooooo smart to throw away the lappy's
box in school the moment i got it.

can somebody saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaveee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

was it loser? nono that was the previous one..

Sunday, August 3, 2008
All in a Day's Work ; 23:57

didnt know it could be such a draining task.. hmm..
you know theres always this occasional yellow plastic beg
placed at your gate for the recycle thingy?
well yeah,and my mum was like asking for a "volunteer"
and so i did - but with a deal, of course. hee xD
which is; SHOPPING spreeeeeeeee!

and my mum agreed!
0.0 but then again, she tends to agree almost on anything..
me: Mum, i wana go backpacking.. with friends ONLY.
mum: ok.
me: i wana study overseas.
mum: ok. new zealand?? i've always want to open a shop there..
me: 0.0 erm. erm. i wana migrate
mum: ok. bring me along, kayy =)
me: *bang head on wall*(dont know want to hurray or what..)

back to where we were!
half a day later, and the beg was literally tearing apart.
sheesh. i know we have to be green but the least they could
is provide a better quality plastic if they want the beg to hold..
to whereever its sent to.

so i placed the beg in the living room
and my sisters started looking through the stuff that i wanted
to recycle/ give away/ throw.
and they were like,
"you giving away the shirt i bought for you?"
"You never wear this dress, right?"
but before i began my springcleaning,
i made sure that i'm only giving away those that
i no longer use/ never use before.
and yeahh, i mean, why should i keep those that i've not used for years!
i gotta keep making way for new ones (right?)
but they took out some of the clothings which
i guess Mr. Plastic Beg is very thankful for, indeed.

and you know what?
this may sound kinda geeky or whatever you may want to call it but:
what do i mean, you might ask?
i meant, i've stacked them according to..
style/ event or whatever it is laaaaaaa as in,
ncc shirts - 1 stack
dresses - 1 stack
hoodies/cardigans - 1 stack
formal/ collared - 1 stack
tees - 1 stack
traditional(s) - 1 stack
apparently, some most of them need to be
broken down to several other stacks 0.0
but i like my wardrobe, for now 0.0

now now..
wheres my books?..

Friday, August 1, 2008
HEYY ; 22:40

i don't know why but im feeling super duper drained.
project management really killed my braincells just after 4 pages of report.
sheesh. wanted to blog yesterday but cannot laa..

supposed to go study with mira at NP but we changed the venue to KAP instead
thats when i started on pmngt and my brain started to go goooooeeeeey
took a bus from KAP and dropped at dover to go home

but at the very last minute went to SP instead
finally went home at night xD

--------------------CHANGE OF TOPIC-------------------------

i didnt go to school this morning! xD
sorry mr goh. went out with fai and shikin to bugis initially
we window shopped after a while and walked around town before this mat asked us,
wheres the rooftop where people lepak?
we showed him esplanade and he looked kinda lost still.
but we walked away towards suntec and shikin was like,
theres a rooftop at esplanade?
0.0 hahaha and we decided to go there and met that mat again
so shikin asked the mat along whom we later found out was mat MALAYSIA siaaa
and it was his 1st time in Singapore.
but what took me aback was the fact he came here ALONE and hes only 9teen
0.0 crazy right!


omg. am i THAT boriing?


Nursimah "Shimmy" Wahed
HAHAHAH can't believe i just typed my full name =.=
NCC East
TPian; FDMer
what more you need to know?

Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Segar


i'll update soon here

all i hear, YADAYADA

People who rock


feel the beat
and the drumroll
x x x