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Friday, March 27, 2009
musically deprived ; 21:42

im sooooooooooo music deprived!
i gotta keepy myself occupied
just so i wont feel restless siaa
Music has been like,
my personal brand of heroin

nak step edward cullen konon.

1st week of 57th aint that bad
i have been sleeping from 0330-0630
daily and like, all the other trainers,
sought the comfort of the PA room
in the theatrette when they have lectures

APC for Syndicate 1
which is mostly Central
with a couple of Sea people
and since its an all-boys syndicate,
i become their DM arr
hahaha but they gerek boys
my BOTAK boys

and ndp rehearsal
was short
and encik wee, mathy and SM
are funny peoples
and not to mention,
gatal too.

tomorrow going jb
then sun book in
hectic or what?

Friday, March 20, 2009
back. ; 22:44

just got back from spec course
but no mood to talk about it yet

Monday, March 16, 2009
rock. ; 14:11

kental or what?
last night, the phone kept ringing
and mostly for me of course
and my sisters were pissed
cos half the time i couldnt here
them calling me cos of the earpieces
stuck in my ear =DD
so there was one time,
that i was really tired of answering
the calls too soo i was like,
in a really draggy voice,
and i was expecting either malia or mira
to be on the other end of the line
but it was,
girl: uhh, ma'am? ni hazirah.
me: 0.0 hazirah who?
girl: uhh cadet. east view?
me: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
*slaps forehead*


and i'll be booking in for
spec course phase one laterr
and i still havent pack
=D hee.

and michael jackson's songs rock or what?
ohh, and thanks to zzat,
i'm like watching some tecktonik(sp?) videos
and i found the Pussy song!
ok those who went to
East District Freestyle Drill Comp,
knows what im talking about
hahaha till then laaaaa

Friday, March 13, 2009
sports and stuff =) ; 23:50

i foooorgot!
on thurs, went running at bedok reservoir park with mira
purposedly didnt bring my ez link along
so that i'll start running from home
and did my warm ups all at the door
and was like,
kayy, if no mats. start running
and it was only evening
soo wasnt expecting any mats
but the moment reached first floor,
my enthu died siaa..
too many mats hahahaha
soo ended up briskwalking all the way
to the bustop at bedok reservoir park
to meet mira
did more warm ups before we started jogging
then we waaaaalk,
then jogjogjogjog,
waaaaaalk before we ran the last 5 - 10 meters.

the next day,
malia came down to east view
to wait for me for a while
supposedly to go running with her
but legs still cramming
soo was like super excited
asking her to play badminton!
as i asked nafiz anf izzat but both tak bergerak siaa
(both never 'move)
but couldnt get the badminton court at tp
soo back up plan was:
play Catching! =DDDDD
yeahhh that was the backup plan!

asked irsyad, elfie and nisa along
all of us met at tp triangular park
ari came later
and we had a few rounds of badminton
i super excited caaaaan?!
super loong siaa since i last played
then they evil.
made me the Catcher
but i purposedly gave up
HAH. opps. then a few rounds of Catching
before we decided to play some friendlier games
after my second fall
fell once while playing badminton
"sprained" my left ankle
and the other one,
missed my right footing into a drain,
right ankle hit the curb
before i landed on my right knee
ok cut that.
and we had ghost stories before we finally went home

kayy fine.
its not interesting.

and i made up my mind.
no Kinabaluuuuuuuuuuu =((
soo i guess i can dye my hair right after
Spec course!

ohh, and supp papers too
=.= dang.

boohoo, much. ; 21:02

jam legend is like SUPER sot noooooooow
im super saded caaaan?
canon rock super irritating or what?!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
tap tap tap strrrrrrrrrum ; 12:59

im going to drown myself in
Jam Legend noow.
stupid gore nightmare.

and whyyyy
do i suddenly find myself
humming to Dangdut songs?

Monday, March 9, 2009
future bleaks. ; 00:12

went to career/education fair at suntec
with family yesterday
picked up some brochures and booklets
that i was interested in
one of the first few i picked up?
Diploma in Pastry and Baking
NOT kidding, ok!

i loove cooking
but if like, in the business world
and stuff, its hard to succeed internationally
as in, we have the Halal issues, wine etc.
but bakiiing, you learnt all the desserts and stuff
and i tell you, just the idea of making
the ideal wedding cake was like supper thrilling laa!

and it was some hourly show thingy
whereby different booths have different slots
to explain more about their courses and stuff
soo i went to see the Culinary it offered
and the chef was going to make
Vietnamese Banana Flower Salad
and he asked for a volunteer
so who did?
excited siaaa!
he was like,
'who would like to be my volunteer?'
me:(smiling widely)(raising hand super high)
soo yeahh,
helped him do the dressing and get to taste too!
super cool chef, i'd say!

then was walking around
was stopped to do survey each time
then met mr abbas
he said my results werent good
and i might have to sit for supp
wasnt surprised to hear about it
told family and..


to the MAX.
cos they were like,
you shouldnt waste your time..
better study harder..

and kak ina was like
asking me why im not doing well..
frankly, i dont know..
tp is just not my cup of tea
especially my course..
im an extrovert
by that, it means,
my surroundings play a huge part in me
and i wholly agree cos
it just sucks.
and she suggested some stuff
which really, i dont mind..
but all the money..
wasted siaa.
oh, whatever.

and the night before,
went out with 53rds
not full strength of course
but some of the "prominent" faces there
and there was Mark and Haiqal too
and next time if we wanna meet,
i'd suggest we meet at 1
so that we can come around 4

till then,
57th or Kinabaluuuuu?

Thursday, March 5, 2009
holidaaaaaay ; 22:07

i super happy its holidaay!
been like full-on for NCC stuff
went for cohesion night on friday night
after which we ton-ed
to have a late night supper
a late night movie
then just lepak at LOWER seletar
ehem. ahahaha (inside joke laaa)

booked in on sat morning
just in time to bathe and change for
East District freetyle drill comp
east view girls had a last min sub
for reserve and one cadet pms
i also pms. pissed siol.
performance not perfect of course
but heyy, they only started practising
on friday itself and the fact that
they were able to execute the whole
routine with not much cock up
was a great achievement to me.
and they almost made me cry laa after that!
pms issues again.
but the fact that they thought they let me down
was like, super touching caaan?
and its ok that we didnt get to the top5 girls..
theres always next year =DD

hassan then picked dada, hello kitty, annisa and me
for khalis's 20th birthday party
bought her some gifts
and i tell you, we were like kinda high siaa
from the lack of sleep
hahaha talking nonsense and all
was early for her party so
we helped out abit
izzat was like there super early
then we had a few bites before hassan sent us all home
washed up and i was dead till the next morning siaa

booked in for campfeast
personally, i never favour campfeast cos
i dont have that kind of patience
ahahah i could be patient but it all
depends on the situation of course
got OC post HEEEEEE.
and boy, was i like, ever so thankful
that i didnt get the pc
but got to work with a handful of 56th
they are still not as crazy as the rest
of east but time will tell of course =DD
and feel like an old bird seyyyyyy
there were lots of changes but we pulled through
so thats about it

and now,
waiting for spec course which is
in two weeks' time
i had a hard time siaa
choosing over ADC and spec course
cos i've always wanna be a part of ndp
and be an ensign for parades
but since this spec course is like,
the last camp for most of the old birds
i gotta choose spec course over adc
i know this is like, the last adc
with SM silva
but heyy, like SOMEBODY said,
"family comes first"
and i know i wont regret not going for adc
but i will regret if i DONT go for spec course
soo there,
till next time~

now, now..
the next question is..
Kinabalu or 57th?


Nursimah "Shimmy" Wahed
HAHAHAH can't believe i just typed my full name =.=
NCC East
TPian; FDMer
what more you need to know?

Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Segar


i'll update soon here

all i hear, YADAYADA

People who rock


feel the beat
and the drumroll
x x x