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Saturday, February 21, 2009
dang. ; 01:28

hahahah nuff said,
i gave up on looking through my mails.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
GASP. ; 01:29

chris brown arrested for
domestic violence
and alleged victim is rihanna?

come on yaw
chris brown himself said
he wanted to stop domestic violence
after witnessing his momma going
through it during his childhood

but its ok baby
im here for you


movies and dare ; 00:12

heeeee. but its not the recipe that
i wrote in the previous entry
we actually tried this new one
from a recipe book kak ina just bought
and its super FUDGYYYY
with a very nice crust
i like =D

and today i had no school
as lessons for today was done last week
so i went out with my SG friends
i actually watched two movies yaw
watched bride wars
at orchard cineleisure
with gay boy and fai
and i actually cried
ahahah but im not the only one kayy
gay boy cried too
hahah but it was hilarious!
after that we rushed to meet up with shikin
and zeela at dhoby cathay
but zeela was as always,
late, so we ended up waiting for
her over an hour
bought tickets to
Underworld 3 and had dinner at ljs
as we lepak, met faddy, his girl and his friend
he shaved the side of his head
was super shocked but chilled
our movie played at Hall 1
which is the Grand Cathay
and zeela was like, super jakon laa!
hahahah cos its like,
super grand, caaaaaan?

its much HUGE-er!
(note, not BIGGER)
it feels like you're in one of
Esplanade's audi but a lil smaller
theres a stage and curtains
which covered the super huge screen
in short: it looked like a total American kind of theater!
it was super WOW-ing!
i tell you,
its the kind of scene whereby
in europe/states, they did the movie premiere
and the casts would come on stage and talk to the fans?
that kind of cinema theater!

i nak watch movies in that cinema again
and the sound system was soo much better
cos your seat actually vibrate a lil
ohh,and underworld super gruesome please.
blood spurting everywhere like fountain.
i almost died.

and im dared to ask this dude out
for a date on vday
how bout that?
hahaah i dont even talk to him laaa
but hey, i KNOW he'll say no
so no harm asking

Friday, February 6, 2009
a penny for a thought ; 00:18

what a way to a 'great' weekend,
i got Sarah's BUG!
hahah not your fault sweety
but the bug is killing me siaaa

and i have to stay at least a metre
away from afnan =.=

and i dont know if its the bug
thats speaking or my Monthly moments speaking,
but i talked to sarah about some friendship stuff
and she shared my view but with her clique
of course laa

i think YOU've changed
and i dont like it
but im not the only one
the others seconded it
i dont think
a different environment
a different school
a different group
a different time schedule
is a good excuse at all
whatever happens to
the unwritten rule of
friends before boo?

well, perhaps its all forgotten huh?
im not saying so just cos im single
cos right now, being single has never felt so good
as i grow older, i dont see the need for a
significant other anymore
and when i was attached,
i gotta make sure that i made time
for you and that i see to
the freaking unwritten rule
but YOU,
its like you're gonna die without him
which i have to say,
is ********.
yerp, down right ********
dont use the 'close/best friends' shit no more
cos girl, you made that shit look dead
and YOU,'ve drifted too far
i must say

and dont say you're busy and stuff
cos look around
YOU arent the only one
i saw you have time for your other friends

i said before,
i'll put my foot down if
things go too haywire
but i feel like,
i cant care much anymore

and i'll say this:
its not me,
its YOU.

Thursday, February 5, 2009
triple chocolate brownies ; 00:24

Triple Chocolate Recipe
melt dark chocolate
into melted salted butter
4 eggs
*stir stir stir*
add semi-sweet chocolate chips
white chocolate chips
pour over baking pan
serve hot

heartpain heartpain ; 00:14

just checked my tpmail
and got a mail regarding
a study trip to germany and france
*shoot me*

other than the 'excursions' to
Mercedes Benz Museum, Ritter Sport (Chocolate factory)
and Hochschule Esslingen University at Stuttgart,
the trip includes spending the
first few days in Disneyland Europe and Paris
*shoot me NOW*
not to forget seeing
such landmarks like
Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Champs Elysees
*shooooot me*
i super sad siaaaaaaa

but thennnnnn

The trip cost is estimated to be around S$3,000 (Air-fare, airport tax, all accommodation in hotels, some food and transportation, optional city tour in Paris could be arranged)


EX or what?

and last year's trip was to US and
they get to experience different
types of roller coaster rides

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
something* Nougat Cornflakes ; 23:18

small Mars Bars

*stir stir stir over heat*

add in cornflakes

transfer into muffin paper cups
and serve cold


Nursimah "Shimmy" Wahed
HAHAHAH can't believe i just typed my full name =.=
NCC East
TPian; FDMer
what more you need to know?

Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Segar


i'll update soon here

all i hear, YADAYADA

People who rock


feel the beat
and the drumroll
x x x