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Sunday, December 21, 2008
awesome ehh rau. hahahah ; 17:09

1st week of hols
well spent, i must say =B

went to hq with atiqah and syaza
for a 'meeting with MAJ Tan'
hahahaha but its actually a surprised
(belated) birthday bash for Syaza!
since the one we planned on her birthday
failed miserably

soo yeahh, we were late
cos i THINK syaza learnt from the
past 2 meet ups with me
that when i'm late,
i am late.
hahahaha but i was early on that day
and she was late
and so hassan asked us to meet up at central office

but when we reached,
hassan told us to wait outside the office
and i had to settle some stuff with fann howe

so after that we proceeded to theatrette
for the meeting. ehem2.
and we were like uber late
and as we walked towards the canteen,
annisa, nat, sham looked kinda pissed.
especially khalis, and she was like
'sounding' us for being late and stuff
and i was like answering back and stuff
after that, atiqah was like,
we have alot of apologising to do.
and syaza has that look again
that omg-im-so-scared look

syaza still doesnt have a clue
even though we saw chairs
that were strategically placed
for games that khalis and all planned
from the steps, we could see nat
lighting the candles on the cakes
that were placed on 2 chairs
syaza STILL doesnt have a clue
till she saw all of us were like
smiling sheepishly and khalis

we had fun laughing our arses off
i got chocolate smeared on my face
khalis had chocolate in her ear,
thanks to Annisa!
losers were sabo-ed badly after each game
but we still had fun =B
khalis had a water bomb smashed
on her front bottom thanks to
shamsuree! hahahaha
but we still had fun
and we then went to ang mo kio KFC
for dinner and khalis
is really like a MUM LAAAAAAAAAA
shes one of those very few people in
the world that you've GOTTA meet
cos at first you love her cos you hate her
for being so CUTE
but you gotta love her like crazy
cos shes SUPER cute!

on Thursday,
celebrated Anisah's 18th birthday
with Sarah at Sakura
just like for sarah and my birthday
and quoted from nisa,
"For someone who has never eaten at Sakura before,
we ate here three times in this year alone!"
we then went to Parkway Parade to play pool
just like we did for Sarah and my birthay
hahahaha and anisah was like hungry
0.0 so we went to fish and co
she had a platter for one
ahahahah crazy siaaaaaa

on friday,
bought most of the stuff
for the BBQ
initially, i bought 10kg of
chickens for 40 people
but SOMEBODY said its not enough
and so i bought another 10kg the next day
marinated the chickens with
three different marinates yaw!

on saturday,
bought the rest of the stuff
for the BBQ
and am i glad to ask
raudah, malia, elfie, mira and fann howe
to help out and luckily
zul came down to help me carry
the stuff too cos i wouldn't know
how to manage otherwise so thanks guys! =B
ok. i didnt know our pit was beside the monsoon
drain but at least we had shaaaaaade =D
hahahaha and i realized our pit
conside with the latest batch of newly
passed out cadet officers,
pit 56E =)
soo yerp, we ad fun
im glad you guys enjoyed the pit
cos i have to say,
i was worried you guys wont like it
but thats not the case! yay.
and yes, next time 10kg of chicken
should be more than enough and
more marshmallows and DRIIIIIIIINKS
and tonned till 0350h before najib
gave SG farhan, mal, elfie and me a ride home

thank you soo much for the awesome week you guys!
love you all many2
this is exactly why i love NCC =B

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
FOB ; 23:00


and i cant go

sometimes i really feel i shouldnt quit my job
cos i was financially stable on my own
and i get to go for gigs and concerts and stuff!
but sometimes im soo glad i did cos i heard that
its getting more and more nonsensical
and what do you know,
my cousin is working there now =.=

Thursday, December 11, 2008
ICEP Inbound ; 23:51

ohhkayy.. now im like really gonna blog the events and stuff ayt..
dang. the previous post is all the stuff that i'm gonna miss now that they are no more here.. garrh. i darn sad laa.
on thursday night, picked the aussie up from the airport..
their flight was delayed =.= but luckily, there were
jack, jill and nafiz who accompanied me to study at BK
we then met up with Shima, Atiqah, Syaza and the SAF people
i had to hold this A4 paper that had the Australian flag and with
the heading, "ICEP Inbound 2008" =.= tell me, who can see from far?
but Shima started waving her arms at the Aussie girl and she was
like confident chop that they are the ICEP people and we were like,
you sure?
and she was like,
hahaha and another blonde girl started waving at us too
and we just waved back excitedly. HEE.
but when they exited, they like walked in the opposite direction?
=.= and since i'm their LEO, i approached one of the girls and asked,
me: are you here for the ICEP Inbound thingy?
girl: what?
me: 0.0 uhh. uhhh. ncc stuff...
girl: ohh, you mean the cadet exchange?
me: YES! *phew*(paiseh siaa if wrong no)
then we had group photos and stuff

after that, the rest of the girls went home while the SAF people stayed back to pick up the US delegates. and i dragged nafiz along cos i shy laa (I WAS OK!) and since nafiz is a camp instructor, i let him do all the intro and stuff. hee. xD
on friday, i joined them after school with annisa. my Aussie went swimming and its only the Indian delegates that were in hq. we talked to some of them and i had to
settle the bunking issues after.
initially, my Aussie seemed like they keep to themselves alot. that i almost died laaaa
but on saturday, after we went to Singapore Discovery Centre and stuff,
oh, we had lots of jump shots pretending to reach those berets at the top xD
we had free and easy and it was right after dinner but the dudes were hungry 0.0 uhuhhh so syaza and i brought them to BK marina square since they really wanted to try the quad burger 0.0
and the contenders are:
Bruce Donaldson
Mitchell Stephen
Sebastian Lambert
Mitcham Cartwright
last but not least, Benjamin Wraight
but DANG. the first to finish was Mitchell, followed by Ben, Mitch was second runner up followed by Bruce. and Seb was the last one to chew it down cos 'it(the burger) was too dry'. thats what she said. HAHAH garrh. miss them. the girls and Ewan didnt have any burger cos like, DUHH we were still darn full from dinner yaw. then i brought them to esplanade and the mini merlion.
Oh, and if you realized, they did wear the BK crown even after we left BK and there was a gig at marina bay and Seb all did this crazy weird dance that i have to do crowd control for them 0.0 hahahaah and ewan almost pick a fight with punks. luckily nothing happened. phew.
and thats when we really did break the ice yaw! it all started with the dudes with the crazy in-your-face flashes eversince they arrived but somehow they decided to include me in this insane game yaw and of course, Shimmy gotta have her sweet revenge xD
mitch is sooo gonna kill me if he finds out i have been posting the above picture hahaha but i love you babe. and you're miles away so i shouldn't worry, right? 0.0 hahaah but of course they got unglam shots of me tooo B/
ok. showing you guys one is enough xD then syaza went home but she joined us the next day for Sentosa.
we had a ride on the cable car and since each ride is limited to six people, the dudes; mitch, bruce, seb and ewan asked syaza and i to tag along. aww. its our first ride on the cable car. i happy laaa =D and the dudes purposedly shook the whole thingy and syaza and i freaked out laa! i dont mind them shaking it but the fact that we were over water at that time (remember there was a time the cable snapped and people were lost in the water? yeahhh. THAT freaked me out)
and more unglam shots of course. we then had a ride on the sky tower and watched the 3D Pirate Show thingy.
Seb had an infection on one of his toes so check out what he wore
cute riiight?! hahahahaha but its a good thing i talked him into wearing thongs only. if noooot =.=
we were then given some free time to wander around before gathering back for lunch. thats when syaza and i realized that these dudes have a thing for Subway 0.0 like really, TOTALLY. but syaza and i hung out with SG razif, SG victor, annisa, ewan and ellen joined us shortly after at Saprino's Pizza.
we then joined the guys back at Subway and they decided to go for the Luge ride but instead of coming back to the meeting point, the guys just have to go to the beach and have some photo taking with some Aussies they met there =.= garrh. so syaza, SG razif and i were left behind as we waited for them like crazy. yerp, my first case of missing cadets. i tell you, i panicked siaa. and i was like going through 200++ photos taken at the Luge to see if they have gotten off the ride and it started to drizzle. syaza and i were like, 0.0 all the way.
FINALLY, we saw them on the ride and they were waving happily and i was like B/ thanks ehhh. and they were like,
Dude: Oh, we went to the beach and met some Aussies and took pictures with them
Me: What?! you went to the beach without telling me?!
Dude: oh? you wanted to go too?
Me: NOOOO. you were like supposed to be here half an hour ago! garrh.
but cant stay mad at them of course. hahah so we took the blue line and went to the bus station where the rest were having their lunch and the NZ joined us! they were like hyper even though they just landed hours ago. after lunch, we had free and easy time for 5 hours and i think MAJ Fisher told the dudes to stay with me ahaha and we were like waiting for the rest to join us but apparently the girls went off without telling us B/ so we went to pahlawan beach and Jack and Jill joined us not long after.
i didnt want to join them in the water since i didnt bring spare undergarments. opps. but i did eventually. hee xD
garrh. and i was bullied, i tell you! bullied!! they threw me into the water and they knew i have a phobia of deep water whereby i started to panic the moment my feet cant touch the ground and my head's not above water. but they just have to pull me back into deeeeeeeep water. especially mitch. GARRH. and they pushed and toppled me over my back. garrh. made me play beach soccer which i sooo sucked at. threw sand at me. and more pulling my legs underwater and dragging me to the middle and wanting to leave me there! 0.0 but of course i'll just grab anyone who's nearest and mitch helped me a couple of times HEE xD even though hes one of the culprit B/ hahah but they are darn cute, i must say. oh, and fortunately i found my tp shirt which i changed into. but of course with no new bra, i had the water mark on my shirt B/ but thats alright cos many other girls had the same thingy too xD
we then headed back to bus station and had our dinner before heading to watch Song of the Sea.
and we had a missing case: Missing officer. and i was like, shiat. cos the Aussie's ticket was with their officer but she was not there and we were like running around looking for her but luckily she came in time. phew. the show was a bit cocky at first but i love the effects and stuff especially the fireballs which we could really feel the heat even though we were far.
On Monday, they had adventure training in the morning while i had a test to do in school so i cabbed down and changed into No3 to bring the Aussie for their Embassy Visit and we had a phototaking before leaving. Got this cool coin-like thingy from the Embassy which only the MAJ and i got xD wee. hahaha and the bus driver dropped us off at queenstown mrt station for our free and easy for the rest of the day. and like, dang. cos i brought extra clothes to change but the Aussie didnt cos they dont mind walking around in their ceremonial dress 0.0 and i was like,
me: can i change then?
bruce: no. you're gonna hafta wear that. we hardly see you in uniform.
me: 0.0 opps. ok then.
we were like supposed to go bugis street together with the UK delegates but some of them went to the washroom so we separated as we went ahead first. brought them to an army shop at bugis and the guys shopped alot for badges and stuff 0.0 we then headed to Banquet at Raffles Hospital for lunch/dinner before going to bugis street. we realized how hard it is to stay as a group in Bugis Street (even though their head dresses are super outstanding), i let them wander on their own when we reached the 2nd floor and told them to be back there by 2030h.
and if you hadnt guess it, i'll tell you. Missing cadets: Case no3. hahah yeahh. the guys were there by 2030h but the ladies didnt turn up. we waited for a long while before moving to the 1st floor and breaking into pairs (mitch paired up with me =B) to look for them and we then moved to bugis mrt station to wait for them but by 2120h when we finally board a train, SG razif called to tell me the girls are back at hq. tell me i shouldnt scream.
The next day was COC rehearsal so i didnt get to join them for the city tour and a ride on the Sinagpore Flyer T.T but shankar and i joined them for Night Safari. and i didnt regret going cos its free and its totally not worth it if i were to pay. its that bad. i almost fell asleep on the trail ride B/
On Wednesday, i had COC rehearsal followed by the actual parade and the ICEP cadets witnessed our parade and they thought we were in pain when we kekanan pusing cos we 'were not smiling' haahah but atiqah said i smiled. thats what she said. ahahaha the aussie dudes went out after the parade for a while to get some clothes for ICEP dinner the next day while i went home to get some clothes and atiqah and i played dress up in the bunk after! yay =B
we went to the kayaking place and had a ride on this bumper looking boat and i had to ride with the Bruneians. no issues. but they are boys! garrh. i was quiet during the whole ride even though i have to admit, it was fun! we then went to this place that have all these warships and we went aboard and they told us stuff. and mitch and i had some sharing secret moments hahahah which i kinda regret telling =.= cos he kept disturbing me. garrh. reached back hq and we had an hour to dress up for dinner. we were transported to Park Hotel. at first we thought its some cheap hotel. opps. cos we never hear of it before! but its actually the one in Orchard which has Swensens =B
oh and to show how tired everyone was,
take a look at Mitch =B

and i took photos with my Aussie too! they all looked great laaa

all of us had to put up performance,
the Aussie did a game show
Brunei danced to a traditional song and displayed some martial art skills
Thailand showed their Muay Thai skills. hot stuff siaa
India put up a traditional dance. and darn smooth laa
UK put up like a skit and "promoted" their attraction spots
USA did the cupid shuffle. CUUUTE =B
NZ did the Haka Dance. another hot stuff. scary. but hot.
Hong Kong sang a chinese song
and of course, the LEOs are not spared too
and our item was a last minute thingy and we decided to sing with the Swiss Band
=B awesome shit. first time i sang as a back up yaw! hahaah
then we had some singing and partying (danced with mitch once =B GARRH.)
yeahhh.. glad everyone had fun but wished we had more dancing and parteeehhh yeahh! xD
my mat rep. hahahahaha =.=
went to Hort Park the next day. walked a lot. and Seb fell! hahaha it was hilarious! he wanted to catch the ball and swoop! he fell on his back. and i tell you, its soo not his day. many things happened which i cant remember. and we were supposed to continue our journey to the Alexandra Arch but seeing everyone was tired, we proceeded with lunch instead and dropping them off at Vivo for a quick free and easy session. and its SYAZA'S birthday!
we wanted to surprise her and all but it didnt work. =.= the Aussie wanted to watch Quarantine at Marina Square but Seb was underage but they went ahead with the plan still. At first he got away with it but he was caught when they checked for the second time. bummer. so he was pissed as we chilled at Starbucks. hahah he looked darn funny. and he was like really in need for a game of pool. but you have to be 16 and above so i used my ic instead to get us a table. and mann, hes good yaw. he was like whacking the balls darn hard. but hes a good mentor too =D he helped by giving me lots of tips. and for once, he was being nice! wee. the rest joined us after movie.
we let the guys took over the table while syaza and i went to play the drum and the guitar machine. and i even let her have a go at the Para-Para dance thingy! it was her first time yaw! ahahaha and we had fun laaa! Right, syaza? xD
catherine joined us at the Para-Para machine and she even punched me in the jaw once =.= hahah but thats ok. syaza and i wanted to get dinner for ourselves and we told her to meet there by 2130h. but she insisted on following us so were like, ayt. no problem. and the guys joined us too
we went down the escalator, heading towards BK when we found that Cath wasnt tagging along 0.0 so i went back up. didnt see her so i was like crossing my fingers, hoping she'll meet us by 2130h. got our dinner and another round at the guitar thingy. and it was 2130h
you should guess it by now.. uhuhh.. Missing Cadets: case no4. HAHAH i panicked like shiat laaaa. cos we waited for her till 2300h. we even made several announcements at Marina Square. garrh. kept calling atiqah to see if she saw Cath but her phone died not long after. Luckily i got hold of Shima who was cabbing and THANK GOODNESS, Cath was there at yck mrt station. sorry but i was cursing like shit i tell you. garrh. HAHAHA cos i dont know if i should be mad or relieved or whatever shit. but its ok. and i tell you, their officer is damn optimistic yaw. i'm like panicking. but she was like, i know she'll be fine. she knows her way back. 0.0 cooling siaa.
Saturday was a whole day of free and easy. i gave all the Aussie an ncc shirt, ranks and a personal note from me. we then had some trading (or what we would like to call some swishing party) whereby everyone was like trading stuff for a lil something2 =) i got US badges, US SSG rank, NZ badges, Ewan's crest, Mitch's cadets badge and his whole camo uniform, NZ ICEP shirt, USA air force colonel shirt, Bruce's camo vest, NZ golf ball set (cool ok!) and India's badge, i think. Dont know if i missed out any.oh well. they decided to go for a swim first before going out. Seb and mitchell decided to go to bugis street to buy more souvenirs. Mitch and bruce followed syaza and i to marina square, again. aahahha they had Subway, again. so syaza and i camwhored of course. ahahah and we had a couple games of pool and mitch was kinda high on redbull i think. hahah when i was playing against bruce, he gave me tips and stuff and even when i didnt get the ball in, he'll be like,
and the rest of us will be like, 0.0 hahaha and laughing our arses off! its darn annoying but super hilarious at the same time xD and he kept saying, 'ohhh.. we gonna have rought sex tonight" 0.0 0.0 HAHAHA wtf! i know! but its hilarious siaa then we played bowling after that. and after every throw, yerp. you guessed it
hahaha see kids? this is what redbull does to you. it made you super hyper. hahaha and after a game of bowling we were like supposed to make our way back to yck mrt station but the guys kept going into shops. garrh. hahah and of course we were late. Seb and mitchell were mad. hahah soo cute. ok then. we went back to base. syaza wasnt in a good mood and went home. so sorry babe =(
Its Sunday, the day most of the delegates were leaving. we went swimming again in the morning and i let them have their own admin time so they went out for lunch while i went back to base with atiqah. i was darn sad eversince i woke up that morning siaa. could feel things were a little quieter than usual. the hong kong were the first to leave. i wasnt really close to them but i cried when they left. garrh. and madi asked me to hug bruce and mitch for her which i gladly did of course. not long after, the aussie and thailand had to leave too. i cried again. garrh. its darn sad ok. and hassan cried too! and everyone went, aww and gave him a hug. and the NZ did their haka dance for us! its super wicked! i left with the aussie and i hugged everyone too. i thought i wasnt going to come back to send the rest off too so when i cried Arsha and Mar(NZ) were like, you coming back right?
and i was like,
noo *sobs*
and they wanted to cry too and they gave me a hug! garrh! i love them caaan?!

Mar! she damn cute laa caaan! i miss youu =(

Arsha! i love you laaaa and i miss you babe =(
Accompanied the Aussie to check in their luggage and went to MacD at terminal 2 for dinner after Syaza joined us. and its the closing ceremony of Missing cadets again =.= the girls went ahead and we had no idea where they went. so we waited outside the transit area before we realized they already went in 0.0 =.= yerp. hugged the rest who were still with me and when they were like at the counter, i dont know why but i broke down. couldnt help it. and mitch was like trying to capture photos =.= seb and bruce then went to the glass to pose with us as mitch took a photo. hahaah they are darn cute.

mr gorilla
syaza, sg victor and i were like zombies after that yaw. we joined the thailand delegates. took some photos before sending them off. we then joined the uk cadets before sending them off too. shima and atiqah cried as they bid goodbye and i cried too not cos of the UK delegates leaving but cos i thought of my Aussies again. garrh. we then went to tampines to catch a late night supper before shankar, adrian and i rushed back to hq. we made it at 2359h yaw. and the indian and nz delegates were hanging around chatting. hugged arsha and mar! i missed them xD
then i went to catch a couple of winks before waking up at 2am to send the USA delegates off.
ok fine, i admit. the reason i wanted to send the USA delegates was due to Robert and Matt. haahah i couldnt leave without saying goodbye yaw!

Robert Irsai (USA)

Matt Baker (USA)
after sending them off, catch a few more winks at the airport before catching the first few buses home. left home at 1800h to book in with syaza. chatted with the girls till 4am. fahmy was like role playing as a SWAT and it was hilarious cos he was at the carpark but he pretended to be hiding behind walls, dodging bullets, giving signals and stuff. and he ended playing shooting with the NZ dudes and the girls sabo-ed us yaw! with shampoo, detergent and stuff. hahaha
it was great then we had to send them off at the airport. i couldnt cry anymore.. cos finally it felt alright to 'let them go'. i sooo miss them cos hq seems so empty now. we had breakfast after, and it really sinks in.

New Zealand dude =B
that ICEP Inbound 2008 is finally, over.

Monday, December 8, 2008
ICEP Inbound ; 12:46

Reality check.
No more waking up early.
No more sleeping late.
No more being their Mum
No more being a 'woman'
No more being called an 'Asian woman'
No more running up and down flights of stairs.
No more trying to "Speak fda English"
No more correcting my english
No more 'ezling'
No more hair sex, ear sex or whatever other body parts sex
No more missing cadets
No more waiting for missing cadets to show up
No more in-your-face-flashes
No more running and chasing around
No more unglam shots
No more perspiring like, after showers
No more poking and tetetetetetetet
No more BK Quad Burger Competition
No more BK Kings
No more accompanying them to Subway
No more going back to Yio Chu Kang
No more reaching back hq after 'curfew'
No more eyecandy working out at gym
No more playing pool or that soccer table thingy
No more hanging out with the dudes
No more "calon-calon" for CPL Muhammad
No more 'shwimming'
No more tanning
No more sunburn
No more yck swimming complex
No more 'That's what she said'
No more having to constantly explain why we take to Marina Bay
No more "SHIMAAAAAAA" or "NO-shima"
No more shush
No more that white rugby headgear thingy
No more randomly grabbing my head
No more messing my hair
No more ruffling hairs
No more gossiping about them in Malay
No more wrestling
No more bear hugs
No more goofing around
No more teasing
No more crazy dancing
No more exchanging songs
No more "Womaniser"
No more Haka Dance
No more watching Arsha shuffling
No more thinking of where to bring them for free and easy
No more walking around in No3
No more ".. and stuff"
No more laughing my arse off
No more "I got dirt on my butt" or "I got chicken on my face"
No more imitating
No more dancing and jumping around
No more Mitch's butt on our faces
No more dressing up
No more brunei cadets
No more hong kong cadets
No more thailand cadets
No more uk cadets
No more us cadets
No more indian cadets
But most of all,
No more MAJ Fisher,
No more Ellen,
No more Catherine,
No more Bruce,
No more Sebastian,
No more Mithcell,
No more Mitch,
No more Benjamin,
No more Ewan.
And soon,
No more new zealand cadets.

i'd knew it be hard to see them off but never did i expect the bond we built to be stronger than what i expected. Thank you sooo much for the wonderful experience =) and to the LEOs who made the whole ICEP Inbound Singapore happened:
Shankar (Shank-ar/ Skanker)
Yit Seng

garrh. how i wish all the countries are like, still on one piece of land and we could have reunions and stuff..


Nursimah "Shimmy" Wahed
HAHAHAH can't believe i just typed my full name =.=
NCC East
TPian; FDMer
what more you need to know?

Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Segar


i'll update soon here

all i hear, YADAYADA

People who rock


feel the beat
and the drumroll
x x x