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Friday, August 15, 2008
all in a week's work ; 21:10

was supposed to go jogging with nisa
but i was really drained out that i became a ZOMBIE
due to **** that i tried which seems really bad for my body.
but nisa was really in a mood for a jog till she realised she brought the wrong pants to jog in.
and she HAD to cancel it right after i changed my attire B/
thanks ehh nisa. hahah
but we TRIED to make it up by walking all the way toooooooooo..
xD we weren't really hungry so we shared a muffin and a warm chocolate cake
hehehe really not helping with the weight loss thingy hahah

supposed to finish school at 6
but since the last lesson is only presentation,
the class decided to bring forward te class to 11am!
and i was still at home at that time B/ how about that.
rushed down to school and did presentation which i must say
is the COOLEST and most FUNNEST presentation ever!
we just had to present our project to our tutor.
and he dont mind whichever way we wanted to present,
as in powerpoint slides, transparency etc.
but my group didnt. prepare any of that sort cos we wanted to present from our report itself using visualiser(spelling issues?) but the one in the LT was spoilt so our tutor asked us to sit around and just "discuss" with him our project 0.0
and hes so funny, i tell you x) cos he was like switching roles between being our boss and client so he was like,
as a boss: So is the budget enough?
as a client: ok. i trust you

coool. hahaha

went to class at nine
thought i was late but i'm only the third person to arrive 0.0
and the tutor wasnt even in 0.0
had my project interview
and i was done for the day.
met malia and lunched at Rase 21.
came by my house after that and she had fun playing with afnan who was trying hard to act cute - and succeeded. pfft. hahah

Had ESFAC lab test which i scored full marks! yay.
i just want to get through this module or else i'm out of tp yaw.
then had this killer irdd quiz.
third of the questions given required calculations which i dont even know how to calculate! T______T
but it was mostly MCQs so i had to CAKCAK KUTIIIIII xD

don't have to go for irdd lec but still have to go for irdd lec
which dragged on till half way through my esfac tutorial.
i was like seriously counting down to one o clock but
lucky me, lesson ended not long after i came!
but mr goh was like,
mr goh: shima did you come for lec yesterday?
me: x) heh. no
mr goh: OHHHHH. it was very important! find out from your classmate ok
me: ok.

it was last day of sem but guess what, i just got my (other) classmates' no just to copy the "important" notes 0.0 hahah yeahh

i cant wait to hurrah2 on the 29th xD


Nursimah "Shimmy" Wahed
HAHAHAH can't believe i just typed my full name =.=
NCC East
TPian; FDMer
what more you need to know?

Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Segar


i'll update soon here

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