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Sunday, August 10, 2008
NDP 08 ; 16:04

celebrated national day with the NCC bunch
not all came but we still had fun yeahh!
alot of unexpected events but it was still
like what rau said, A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

firstly, we sat at Makan Sutra.
that was our initial plan:
to get a seat and a good view of the fireworks
BUT, it started to rain.
so the guys shifted our chairs to the pathway leading to DXO
but some of us wanted to watch the supporting contigents march past us
while the rest stayed back to watch over the chairs
when we came back, we got to know
STRIKE ONE: we were "shooed away" by the authoritised personnel

nvm that. so we moved to the bay so that we can watch the screen
but the guys were taking shelter at the stage beside Makan Sutra so
we joined them and so far so good till it started to rain heavily and
EVERYONE was running to the stage until
STRIKE TWO: the Police/CISCO whatever SHOUTED at us to get down B/ like, wtf.
cos too many people were getting on the stage but they could have been
a little nicer by ushering instead of SHOUTING B/
its not like we were pushing people and stuff right..

so nvm, we got down and walked towards the bay, AGAIN.
and somehow we managed to get a spot where we can still see the screen
and i know its like drizzling and stuff but yaw
easy with the umbrellas!
people are like carrying the umbrellas high enough to shelter their friends/families
but low enough to BLOCK the screen pfft.
and we were like, complaining loudly to lower their umbrellas but they didnt seem to hear us
and there was this uncle who had a combover with an umbrella.
he is super irritating cos he kept shifting and stuff so
elfie was like, EHH UNCLE. lower your umbrella laaaa
and he even passed a comment about the hair which i wont mention here x)

and there was this Bangla (no offence, but HE IS) standing beside me with his friends.
and he whipped out camera phone to take a picture of himself.
but SUDDENLY i realised he was raising it higher bit by bit
TO TAKE OUR PHOTO LAAA SIAAAAAA with rau and myself in the photo!
0.0 SUPER duper scary ok!
and najIb was being evil! hahaha
he was like, AYY BANGLA. the one in stripes!
hahah he really did that =)

and i dont know why but people kept walking back and forth non stop
and of course we couldnt help ourselves, so we voiced out,
so sad no one really answer our question even though
i asked this army personnel guy where hes going
and even HE dont know. pfft.

and cos of the UMBRELLA issues,
we had to entertain ourselves most of the times
by just pointing randomly in the sky and cheering!
its a psychology thing you know,
so people were like, looking around anxiously expecting something xD
but of course there was nothing
except this ONE TIME, rau pointed to the sky and screamed
coincidentally, a pair of birds flew by!
it was funny really cos the crowd thought it was the black knights
and they were so excited but only to be fooled by a pair of birds and rau! xD
its super hilarious OK!

and we had some fireworks watching while having dinner
before we left to meet mira,
KHAI EXCLAIMED: LET'S CAMWHORE!*with his fist in the air!*
HAHAHA yeahhh.. he said that! xD
so we were supposed to meet mira around marina area there
but she was still on duty so we were standing at the area,
whereby the ndp people were exiting,
to decide what to do/go till shes done
but dek was smart, he was like,
ayy, we better move or later we kena scolded again
and he was right! hahah we were about to move
STRIKE THREE: when this security personnel
asked us to leave the premises
and najib, being his usual self, said
for you, i will.
SUPER gay ok! hahahahah
and the guy just smiled and walked away

soooooooooo FUN day!
xD hahaha


Nursimah "Shimmy" Wahed
HAHAHAH can't believe i just typed my full name =.=
NCC East
TPian; FDMer
what more you need to know?

Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Segar


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