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Sunday, December 21, 2008
awesome ehh rau. hahahah ; 17:09

1st week of hols
well spent, i must say =B

went to hq with atiqah and syaza
for a 'meeting with MAJ Tan'
hahahaha but its actually a surprised
(belated) birthday bash for Syaza!
since the one we planned on her birthday
failed miserably

soo yeahh, we were late
cos i THINK syaza learnt from the
past 2 meet ups with me
that when i'm late,
i am late.
hahahaha but i was early on that day
and she was late
and so hassan asked us to meet up at central office

but when we reached,
hassan told us to wait outside the office
and i had to settle some stuff with fann howe

so after that we proceeded to theatrette
for the meeting. ehem2.
and we were like uber late
and as we walked towards the canteen,
annisa, nat, sham looked kinda pissed.
especially khalis, and she was like
'sounding' us for being late and stuff
and i was like answering back and stuff
after that, atiqah was like,
we have alot of apologising to do.
and syaza has that look again
that omg-im-so-scared look

syaza still doesnt have a clue
even though we saw chairs
that were strategically placed
for games that khalis and all planned
from the steps, we could see nat
lighting the candles on the cakes
that were placed on 2 chairs
syaza STILL doesnt have a clue
till she saw all of us were like
smiling sheepishly and khalis

we had fun laughing our arses off
i got chocolate smeared on my face
khalis had chocolate in her ear,
thanks to Annisa!
losers were sabo-ed badly after each game
but we still had fun =B
khalis had a water bomb smashed
on her front bottom thanks to
shamsuree! hahahaha
but we still had fun
and we then went to ang mo kio KFC
for dinner and khalis
is really like a MUM LAAAAAAAAAA
shes one of those very few people in
the world that you've GOTTA meet
cos at first you love her cos you hate her
for being so CUTE
but you gotta love her like crazy
cos shes SUPER cute!

on Thursday,
celebrated Anisah's 18th birthday
with Sarah at Sakura
just like for sarah and my birthday
and quoted from nisa,
"For someone who has never eaten at Sakura before,
we ate here three times in this year alone!"
we then went to Parkway Parade to play pool
just like we did for Sarah and my birthay
hahahaha and anisah was like hungry
0.0 so we went to fish and co
she had a platter for one
ahahahah crazy siaaaaaa

on friday,
bought most of the stuff
for the BBQ
initially, i bought 10kg of
chickens for 40 people
but SOMEBODY said its not enough
and so i bought another 10kg the next day
marinated the chickens with
three different marinates yaw!

on saturday,
bought the rest of the stuff
for the BBQ
and am i glad to ask
raudah, malia, elfie, mira and fann howe
to help out and luckily
zul came down to help me carry
the stuff too cos i wouldn't know
how to manage otherwise so thanks guys! =B
ok. i didnt know our pit was beside the monsoon
drain but at least we had shaaaaaade =D
hahahaha and i realized our pit
conside with the latest batch of newly
passed out cadet officers,
pit 56E =)
soo yerp, we ad fun
im glad you guys enjoyed the pit
cos i have to say,
i was worried you guys wont like it
but thats not the case! yay.
and yes, next time 10kg of chicken
should be more than enough and
more marshmallows and DRIIIIIIIINKS
and tonned till 0350h before najib
gave SG farhan, mal, elfie and me a ride home

thank you soo much for the awesome week you guys!
love you all many2
this is exactly why i love NCC =B


Nursimah "Shimmy" Wahed
HAHAHAH can't believe i just typed my full name =.=
NCC East
TPian; FDMer
what more you need to know?

Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Segar


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