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Monday, March 16, 2009
rock. ; 14:11

kental or what?
last night, the phone kept ringing
and mostly for me of course
and my sisters were pissed
cos half the time i couldnt here
them calling me cos of the earpieces
stuck in my ear =DD
so there was one time,
that i was really tired of answering
the calls too soo i was like,
in a really draggy voice,
and i was expecting either malia or mira
to be on the other end of the line
but it was,
girl: uhh, ma'am? ni hazirah.
me: 0.0 hazirah who?
girl: uhh cadet. east view?
me: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
*slaps forehead*


and i'll be booking in for
spec course phase one laterr
and i still havent pack
=D hee.

and michael jackson's songs rock or what?
ohh, and thanks to zzat,
i'm like watching some tecktonik(sp?) videos
and i found the Pussy song!
ok those who went to
East District Freestyle Drill Comp,
knows what im talking about
hahaha till then laaaaa


Nursimah "Shimmy" Wahed
HAHAHAH can't believe i just typed my full name =.=
NCC East
TPian; FDMer
what more you need to know?

Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Segar


i'll update soon here

all i hear, YADAYADA

People who rock


feel the beat
and the drumroll
x x x